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Education Dare Day

What’s your after-work pick-me-up?

Posted on Monday, 24 June 2013 — ♥ 17 notes

  1. polygonal-lasso answered: "after-work" hahahahaha
  2. wwbioteach answered: Mind numbing television or a good book
  3. thegrownuplife answered: A beer, preferably on any of the ten million amazing outdoor areas in Houston. Keeping it real, teaching is hard.
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    I really need about 15-30 minutes of quiet time to decompress after school. It’s best if this occurs with a cup of...
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    Deck time with my favorite people. A glass of iced tea (sigh, I miss you beer) and good conversation goes a long way...
  6. elviajedelaesperanza answered: I give myself 20 minutes of “for fun book” reading
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    I’m actually obsessed with crunchy snacks as of late. I had a student with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and one of the...
  8. heyteach answered: green tea
  9. bethechangeyouwant reblogged this from duckfoot75 and added:
    Cherry Coke & 15 minutes of ‘zone-out’ time on the internet, then back to business!
  10. talesofan8gt answered: ice coffee!
  11. monpetitmondeamoi answered: Sushi and wine. (Sorry, not a D to be had)
  12. kiraimari answered: Coffee made by mermaid descendants.
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